Exclusive preparation for Medical Entrance Exams is done along with CBSE class XII


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About VidyaKunj

Teachers are having 18+ years of experienced and are highly qualified in their respective field. Education is the essentialstepping stone of your kid's school life. You have officially done your best by putting your kid in one of the good schools; having educated faculty, who possibly use extremely inventive and different approach guide your kids. Along with school studies home tuition is also very important for the complete growth of the student and to improve their result. Home tuition allows students to ask their even very small doubts which the can’t get clarified during the classroom due to hesitation.

Nonetheless, as a parent, you may at present be stressed and need to provide your kid that additional piece of help in learning, after their standard school hours. This stress could emerge out of many possible reasons; like migration to another city/school /educational module and so forth to the way that both of you are not ready to spend enough time with your kid to understand his /her true potential.

Our Mission

To Nurture students and bring out the best from everyone.

The most precious gift a PARENT can give their child apart from their love and time is quality education, an opportunity to explore the brilliance in them.

Vidyakunj Classes provides the best coaching platform for the students preparing for various medical entrance exams like NEET, AIIMS etc.

Exclusive Preparation for medical entrance exams is done along with CBSE class XII (Physics/Chemistry/Biology)

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